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Save Big Buying a Three-Year-Old Car

Used Car Tips

Save Big Buying a Three-Year-Old Car

How to get Years of FREE Gas . . .

You can save thousands, which is like getting years of free gas!

According to this Consumer Reports article, choosing to buy a three-year-old car instead of a Brand New one can save you Thousands of Dollars over the first Five years...That's enough to pay for ALL of your gas during that time period!!

Buying a three-year-old Toyota Camry could save you approximately $13,000 over five years, compared to buying a new one. That means you could pay for ALL of your gas during that five-year time frame with this kind of savings and still come out $2,500 ahead! You could buy a three-year-old Ford Focus and save more than $8,000 over the first five years, or save a Whopping $25,500 over five years by buying a three-year-old Chevrolet Tahoe as opposed to a new one! That's the equivalent of seven and a half years of free gas in your tank at $4 per gallon!!

There are other ways to invest those savings as well. By investing your savings in a qualified plan (IRA, 401K, etc.) the savings over the course of a lifetime can possibly add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars!! These plans are both tax-deductible and tax deferred which puts you at a tremendous advantage over a non-qualified savings plan.

Source:, Used Car Savings


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