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"I feel very fortunate I found Blake to assist me with my recent truck purchase. His expertise and professionalism were evident throughout the entire process. Blake is very easy to work with, and I am extremely pleased with the deal he worked out for me! It was great to have Blake in my corner, and I recommend Blake's service to anyone who doesn't want to spend countless stressful hours searching for and haggling over their next new car."

M.K. - Deer Valley, UT


"Blake met with us and listened to our wants and needs, and then advised us on what vehicle would work best for us. He explained what vehicles were ranked the highest and which were the best value for our money. Blake found us a very nice one owner Honda Ridgeline with low miles that was fifteen thousand dollars less than a brand new one! That's money we can use to invest for our future! Our experience of Blake is that he is someone you can trust and rely on to assist you with your next car purchase, and we have referred Blake to many of our closest friends and associates."

V. and D. M. - Orem, UT


"Hiring Blake to assist us with our recent car purchase was a smart move. We saved thousands of dollars, and drove away in a car that would have been beyond our price range, had it not been for Blake’s research and negotiating expertise. I would recommend him to anyone who is interested in saving a substantial amount of money on their next car purchase."

M.M. - Park City, UT


"Blake at Pro Car Consulting was excellent to work with. The car Blake found was exactly what I was looking for. I didn't think I could buy this kind of car with this low of miles for the low price I paid for it. Blake's service easily saved me $5,000 and got me more car than I expected for the money. Blake handled everything, and I will definitely recommend him to everyone interested in saving time, money and stress on their next car purchase!"

B.V. - Sandy, UT


"The service that Blake provided in buying our vehicle was superb. He negotiated the price down further than I ever could have and did everything needed to be done to set up the sale. It took the stress off of us and saved us a lot of time. We just had to go in and pick up the vehicle. It would have been well worth the cost even without the savings, but his negotiations brought us out ahead of the game."

Tracy Singson - Lehi, UT


"Blake and Lorie were fantastic to work with.  They found the exact car I was looking for and saved me lots of time and money.  I really appreciated the fact that they took the time to find a car with the lowest mileage, the best price and in excellent condition.  I love my new car!  I recommend their service to anyone who is interested in feeling great about their next car purchase."

Joshua - Manifesting Freedom, LLC - Sandy, UT


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